HS-L016SC Child Silicone Manual Resuscitator ambu bag


1.Autoclave to 134℃ helping to prevent cross infection and contamination .

2.Built-in 40cm H2O pressure relief valve.

3.Latex-free high grade medical silicone material.

4.Guaranteed for 5 years or alternatively 20 times autoclave cycles.

5.All-in-one intake valve connects to oxygen reservoir bag directly.

6.Additional accessories (Airway, mouth opener )and customized label are available.

7.Built-in 30mm exhale port for PEEP or filter attachment.

Packaging method option: Poly bag, Paper box, PP plastic box.

Item Package Pcs/ctn Carton Dimension(cm) GW/ctn(kg) CBM/ctn(m3)
Length Width Height
HS-L016SC Poly bag 24 57 37 51.5 9.9 0.11
Paper box 24 55.5 43 42 9.6 0.10
PP plastic box 12 57 33.5 46 9.0 0.09


1.Reusable pediatric 600ml resuscitator (W/ 40cm H2O POP-OFF).
2.Silicone mask pediatric #2.
3.1600ml Oxygen reservoir bag.
4.Oxygen Tubing 2.1 meter.
5.Pressure relief Valve: 40cm H2O pressure relief.


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